Aftercare Services

Owen Funeral Homes has a commitment to the care of our families and community before, during and following a funeral. It is with that dedicated service that we offer aftercare programs to assist those who mourn the loss of a loved one, and to educate the community about the process of grief.

Individual Counseling

Individual or family grief counseling is available at no charge through Owen Aftercare Services. We offer this service because we are committed to providing comfort and care to families following the funeral service.

There are many issues that often arise following a loved one's death and we feel it is important for those grieving to have a safe place to work through these issues. We invite you to contact us by phone at 502-447-7759 or e-mail if you, a friend or family member would benefit from this type of service.

support groups

Grief support groups allow people an opportunity to share their grief experience with others who have also suffered a loss of a loved one.  In gathering as a group, members lend strength and encouragement to each other as they understand some of the common difficulties each other face.

Click here to learn what grief support group options are available to you here.

Education Programs

Owen Funeral Home is a grief resource to community schools, churches, and organizations. If you belong to a group and would like a speaker to talk on some of the harder subjects of life such as grief, death and dying, we invite you to contact Genene Nisbet by phone at 502- 447-7759 or e-mail.

Our professional staff strive to educate the community at large in the area of death and dying so that adults and children are better prepared to handle the death of a loved one. We invite you to contact us if you belong to a group that would benefit from this type of education.

Lending library

Owen Funeral Home has over 40 books and brochures on grief for adults and children. Our library is open to anyone in the community. Following is a listing of all the books and materials that are available to be checked out. If you would like to browse our library or check out a book, please stop by 5317 Dixie Highway for assistance. You are welcome.

Click here to see a list of Books, Brochures, and Video Tapes.                          

Community Programs

Owen Funeral Homes hosts several events throughout the year to assist those who morn the loss of a loved one, and to educate the community about the process of grief.

Click here to view the upcoming programs and events here.

Remembrance QUilt

The Owen Remembrance Quilt is a hanging testimony that honors the lives of many served by Owen Funeral Homes. The quilt is displayed as a reminder that as long as we live, our loved ones also live as we remember them. Each quilt square is unique and represents what is special to each family about their loved one. Much time and thought go into these quilt pieces. We are truly honored, at Owen Funeral Homes, to have the privilege to display this work of love.

The first Remembrance Quilt was dedicated May 31, 1998. Since then, new quilts are pieced together as squares are turned in by interested families. Quilt pieces are available to any family member who has had a loved one served by Owen Funeral Home. Once contacted, we will see that you receive a quilt piece along with information about when the next quilt is scheduled to be pieced together. Upon completion of each new quilt, a dedication service is held. Family members and friends are invited to join in this dedication service along with a reception that follows. Through-out the year we will rotate the completed quilts in and out of the display case, so that all quilts are viewed in the years to come.

If you are interested in receiving a quilt square, contact Genene Nisbet at 502- 447-7759. She would be pleased to talk with you. You can also e-mail us.